Members of the Steering Committee are active in participating council companies. Individuals interested in joining the Steering Committee may contact Ashton Chapman at any time. When an opening is available, he/she will be contacted to discuss the time commitment and responsibilities of serving as a Steering Committee member.

The Steering Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • managing registrations at monthly meetings
  • soliciting sponsorships
  • serving as greeters
  • mentoring new council members
  • attending Steering Committee meetings
  • selecting and managing monthly meetings
  • making recommendations on behalf of the entire council

Cathy Baxter (Sedgwick Managed Care Ohio)

Shane Castle (Sedgwick)

Ashton Chapman (The Builders Exchange of Central Ohio)

Josh Davis (George J. Igel & Co., Inc.)

Matt Harbuck (Continental Building Co.)

Marie Nicol (Marker, Inc.)

Andrea Pruneau (Barton Malow Builders)

Keith Snead (Limbach Company, LLC)

Chrissy Strawser (Scott Wesney Construction, LLC)

Mary Tebeau (The Builders Exchange of Central Ohio)

Joe Urquhart (Overmyer Hall Associates)

Cordell Walton (Sedgwick)

Heather Wendell (Onsite Therapy Resources)


Greg Mather

Mark Nelson