What is my NAICS Code?

Many of you might have been familiar with the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes. The North American Industry Classification System Codes (NAICS) replaced this system. The new system allows companies to be more specific about classifying the work that they do. The SIC code system had 3 numbers, but the NAICS codes expand to include 4-5 numbers.

Below are some examples of NAICS code descriptions. These are just a sample of the many codes now being used. It is to your advantage to visit the NAICS code website to read through the descriptions. Many employers, specifically those in construction, now fit into several different categories. Choose the category in which you do the most work.

  • NAICS 23622:  Non-residential building construction – general contractors
  • NAICS 23799:  Other heavy and civil engineering construction
  • NAICS 23822:  Plumbing, heating & air-conditioning (includes sheet metal duct work)
  • NAICS 23832:  Painting contractors
  • NAICS 23821:  Electrical contractors
  • NAICS 23814:  Masonry contractors
  • NAICS 23833:  Flooring contractors
  • NAICS 23834:  Tile and terrazzo contractors
  • NAICS 23816:  Roofing contractors
  • NAICS 23817:  Siding contractors
  • NAICS 23812:  Structural steel and pre-cast concrete
  • NAICS 23815:  Glass and glazing contractors
  • NAICS 23891:  Site preparation contractors

For more information about the NAICS codes visit www.census.gov/epcd/naics02/naicod02.htm