Meeting Description

June is National Trench Safety Month! Dalan Zartman from Fire Rescue 1 will discuss all things trench related, including trench fall-ins, why they happen, when they are most likely to happen, and how to put safety efforts while ephasizing it’s importance. He will also focus on the data from trench fall-ins each year and how to prevent them while making sure the given practices are there to stay.

Phone: 614-314-4096


Dalan Zartman

Rescue Methods President- Fire Rescue 1

Dalan Zartman is a 20-year career veteran of the fire service, and president and founder of Rescue Methods. He is assigned to a heavy rescue squad and is an active leader as a member of both local and national tech rescue response teams. He has delivered fire and technical rescue training courses and services around the globe for the last 15 years. He is also an international leader in fire-based research, testing, training and consulting related to energy storage. Dalan serves as regional training program director and advisory board member for the Bowling Green State University Fire School. He is a certified rescue instructor, technical rescue specialist, public safety diver, fire instructor and firefighter.

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